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Our investment team is led by practitioners who believe in critical thinking, imagination, experiential knowledge, process, civic engagement,
and the power of capital markets to effect positive change.

  • Previous: Co-founder and CEO of Chilton Capital Management; Brown Brothers Harriman

  • Serves or has served as board member and/or in some leadership capacity of the Honors College at the University of Houston, BridgeUp at Menninger, Hermann Park Conservancy, Houston Parks Board, Memorial Park Conservancy, and Stewardship Council of The Cultural Landscape Foundation

Christopher L. Knapp

Chief Executive Officer

  • Previous: co-founder of Piscataqua Capital Management; Managing Director at UBS Global Asset Management

  • President of DSI International Management (a wholly-owned subsidiary of UBS)

  • Research/Portfolio Manager at Standish, Ayer & Wood

  • Portfolio Manager and Research Director at DSI International Management

George Rooney, CFA

Portfolio Manager


Collaboration Asset Management is

a part of The NextSeed Group

Since 2015, the NextSeed Group has been at the forefront of rapidly changing financial markets to connect community and capital in diverse and meaningful ways. A pioneer in investment crowdfunding, NextSeed has evolved into a technology-driven investment banking practice offering place-based investment opportunities that align with its mission to build community through financial markets. In late 2019, NextSeed combined with Collaboration Capital, a family-focused wealth management and asset management investment firm built around ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) investing. The NextSeed Group now offers forward-thinking investment banking and investment management services for retail and institutional clients.
Our mission is to build prosperous communities by making meaningful investments accessible to everyone, which we take to heart in every business decision we make.

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